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Our aims


At this time the internet offers customers more choice than ever before, but because of the way search engines and internet advertising works, it often seems that there is only a handful of very large shops available.


By maintaining an active social media campaign Nation of eShopkeepers aims:



  • To raise awarness amongst internet customers of independent, UK online shops.


  • To give small online shops a voice and presence on the internet.


  • To highlight the great range and variety of products offered by these shops.


  • To show that indie websites are professional businesses that offer great, reliable customer service.


  • To show customers that they have a real choice when shopping online.




Nation of eShopkeepers


The Nation of eShopkeepers is an informal federation of independent retailers formed with the aim of promoting our online shops.


One of the biggest challenges faced by someone running a small, indie website is getting that website noticed; large companies with huge resources are able to monopolise search engines and online advertising so that small sites may not be noticed even if they offer a better deal for the customer.


Nation of eShopkeepers aims to help small websites to work together to promote themselves. By a co-ordinated social media campaign, competitions, cross promotions and so on, each shop can reach far more people than they could on their own.


We recently started our Online High St, by collecting together in one place online we make it easier for customers to find our shops. there is no charge for membership, if you would like more information about becoming a member please email


We also have an active and friendly forum for members with information and advice on most aspects of online retail from SEO and running a website to trading on the larger marketplaces.


Interested in joining?


There is no charge for membership and it is open to any small, online shop which is registered as a business in the UK.


If you run an established indie website or if you currently trade on a marketplace like eBay or Amazon and are thinking of setting up a website and would like further information please email:



Check out the latest items, offers and information from the many online independent retailers by searching the Twitter hash tag:


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