In the USA these shops are called “mom and pop” stores, and in France “boutique”. These are people who work with flair and imagination to bring a variety of items to the market place.


The online shops run by these indie retailers are as individual and unique as their customers. They understand and care about the products they sell and, because they value their customers, they provide a great level of service.


It's these small, independent retailers who maintain the traditional retail values of quality and service.



What is an indie retailer?

An indie retailer is a small, independently owned shop, many are really one and two person “within the family” businesses.

Nation of eShopkeepers

Nation of eShopkeepers has been set up with the aim of promoting the many small, UK, online shops. Helping to get information about those eshops out to potential customers and giving those shops a voice on the internet.

Large companies with huge budgets are able to control online searches and advertising. This means that smaller shops struggle to get seen, even if they have items that are the best match for a customer's search. Nation of eShopkeepers has come about in response to this.


There are a great many small, UK businesses selling online from marketplaces like eBay and from their own websites. They offer a huge and diverse range of items: from homeware to handmade jewellery, garden tools to confectionary, pet supplies to stationary, and much more.

What's in a name?

When Napoleon famously called us a 'Nation of Shopkeepers' he was using a term created by the economist Adam Smith. Smith used the term to explain the vital role that small shops played in the UK economy. What was true then, is still true today, the only difference is that many of those shops are now online, making us a...

Nation of eShopkeepers.


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